At Legal Marketing Leads, we generate over 150 nation wide workers’ compensation injuries daily. We are working to continue to grow this this number as each year, more than 4.1 million people in the United States suffer a workplace injury or occupational illness.

Work Comp leads are our second most popular legal lead only behind car accident leads.  We often find that our partners who take workers’ comp leads are happier than any other vertical.  The reason for this is probably the lower price point and that these tend to still be high quality leads.

Workplace injuries are very common today; they affect people of all ranges of work, age group, and of all demographic and economic backgrounds.  Here are the requirements for a lead to qualify a lead as a workers’ comp lead.

Workers’ Comp Lead Qualifications
We ask the key questions to make sure that our partners receive the highest workers’ comp prospects and don’t waste any time. Here are the filters set in place in order to be considered a viable lead:

1. Must have been injured at work
2. Injury date must be within statute of limitations
3. Injury must cause them to miss more than 5 days of full-time work
4. Must not already have an attorney

Legal Marketing Leads currently generates over 4,000 100% exclusive, real-time car accident leads every month in the following categories:  Car accident injury leads, Pedestrian accident leads, Hit and run leads, Drunk driving crash leads, Dangerous road construction accident leads, Motorcycle accident leads, Commercial trucking accident leads, Uninsured motorist leads and more.




A: Yes, all leads sold by Legal Marketing Leads are sold to a single attorney.
A: Yes, when an inquirer fills out a form you will receive a notification with contact information within 1 second.

A: Here is what a sample of what a workers’ compensation lead might look like

First Name: John
Last Name: Doe
Phone: 555-555-5555
City: Raleigh
State: NC
Zip Code: 27602

What Caused Your Injury: Work Injury
Were You Injured At Work: No
Do You Have An Attorney: No
Date Of Injury: 2018
Comments: This will display what claimant wrote in the comment field.*

*This can range from a 1,000 word story to simply saying injured at work.

A: There is no contract. Each order is for a specific amount of workers’ compensation leads. The amount of those leads is placed into an escrow account on signup and deducted each time you are delivered a qualified lead. Once these funds run out you can either renew or you can leave. With our happy clients we recommend automatic billing to make things go smoothly but are happy to provide leads without it at the beginning.
A: We have a minimum lead order of 30 for workers’ compensation leads.
A: This depends on a variety of including geography, availability and size of order. Generally our prices range from $90 – $130 per workers’ comp lead. Please inquire about your specific region to get a more accurate estimate.
A: This is how we set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry and why we most likely have the highest retention rate in the industry. We generate our own leads with a small portion coming from firms that we have established long term relationships with and know only provide top quality inquiries. All of our leads are generated online through search queries. We absolutely never use co-registration, incentivized or survey leads.

A:  We filter out leads for quality based on the following requirements.  Each work comp lead must meet the following criteria.  Contain accurate contact information, have been injured at work, , not have an attorney, and accident must have occurred within statute of limitations.  If any of these are not met we will gladly exchange the lead for a new one!

Beyond this, the way that we make sure to source only quality leads is by sourcing only from search inquiries.

A: We typically see leads begin to roll in between 24-72 hours once the campaign is activated.

A:  We can send them to you via email, text, or into your CRM if you have one.

A:  Yes, it is legal and here is why.  First, we always comply with the various state rules on attorney advertisements, and do not offer a referral program with geographic exclusivity, pay for performance, or recommend certain attorneys to prospects seeking legal advice. Our legal and ethical method is considered a “group model” that provides connections to those seeking representation within the entire group in a random-type manner. We comply with ABA model Rule 7.1 by not being misleading; we comply with ABA Model Rule 7.2 by not recommending or endorsing any specific lawyer. We do not split fees with attorneys for the leads we provide on a pay-per-lead only basis.

A:  Yes.  We pride ourselves on customer service and want to make sure you are happy with the quality of the leads you are receiving from us.  A lead can be returned for the following reasons:

  • Disconnected or wrong phone number
  • Client already had an attorney
  • Not within scope of geographic region purchased
  • Wrong practice area(Ex: car accident lead but paid for auto accident lead)
  • Denies wanting legal representation
  • Was not injured at work

All leads are sold “as is” and cannot be resold.  To request a replacement lead, please notify us within 5 days of receiving the lead.  We will be allowed 48 hours to approve the return but approve leads in 99% of cases as long as it is for one of the reasons mentioned above.

A:  Absolutely.  We sell are leads based on practice area.  The categories for personal injury are auto accident leads, workers’ compensation leads and general personal injury leads.  If you want you can have only 1 practice area or all 3.  There are different prices for each practice area.

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